Expand Your Selection: Discover Limited Edition and Collectible Must-Haves for Your Smoke Shop from Got Vape Wholesale!

by Julianne Bautista
Expand Your Selection: Discover Limited Edition and Collectible Must-Haves for Your Smoke Shop from Got Vape Wholesale!

Owning a wholesale smoke shop business requires more than a diverse selection – it demands innovation, exclusivity, and providing customers with an experience that is distinctive and incomparable. Expand your inventory and explore limited edition and collectible must-haves for your smoke shop, focusing on unique collaborations, luxury brands, and exclusive items that set you apart. In this Smoke Shop Blog, we'll map out exciting collaborations and exclusive creations distributed in the USA that can become must-haves in your inventory.

Why is it Important to Include Exclusive Products in Your Smoke Shop?

Incorporating exclusive products into your smoke shop sets your business apart, attracting customers with a desire for novelty and distinction. Exclusive items generate excitement, fostering customer loyalty and building a community of enthusiasts. They also enhance brand recognition, giving your shop a competitive edge and creating valuable marketing opportunities.

Also, exclusive products' premium pricing can significantly contribute to increased sales and revenue. In essence, showcasing these items guarantees that your smoke shop stays current, adjusts to market trends, and remains a coveted choice for discerning customers.

What Collaboration Does Got Vape Wholesale Offer?

Woman holding Wulf Orbit in hands in front of an arcade

Wulf x Yocan

The partnership between Wulf Mods and Yocan integrates modern, contemporary design. Wulf Mods introduces its distinctive spatter colors to exclusive Yocan devices, ensuring these vaporizers distinguish themselves in the market. This collaboration is a testament to the celebration of craftsmanship and a dedication to pushing the limits of innovation within the vaping industry, providing users with a refined and distinctive experience.

Here are some of the collaborative products they've introduced:

Wulf x Vector

Alike from Yocan, Wulf has also collaborated with torch brand, Vector, to provide customers with a full dabbing experience. These items are available on the market under their respective brands, but Wulf Mods collaborates with them to create custom colors.

Here are three torches that your smoke shop should have:

Woman holding Exxus White Black Crackle Palm Pro in front of forest clearing

Exxus x CCELL

For a unique selection of 510-thread vaporizers, look into the collaboration of Exxus and CCELL. These cartridge vapes offer customizable voltage settings and preheat functionality, allowing your customers to tailor their sessions. The Rizo and Palm Pro vaporizers are now offered in fresh crackle colors.

Explore three must-see Exxus and CCELL vaporizers for your shop:

Exxus x Yocan

Exxus Vape and Yocan have joined forces to introduce advanced cartridge vaporizers equipped with an OLED display, four voltage settings (2.4v, 3.0v, 3.6v, 4.2v), and a twistable 510-thread.

Here are the Exxus & Yocan collab vaporizers:

What Exclusive Luxury Brands or Limited Edition Products Does Got Vape Wholesale Offer?

Woman holding Puffco New Peak Pro Desert in front of forest trail


Puffco is a premier luxury brand in the industry, renowned for delivering substantial value and satisfying puffs in every session. At Got Vape, our extensive selection includes various Puffco products like the Proxy, Peak Pro, Hot Knife, Plus Vaporizer, and more. We also offer compatible replacement parts and accessories, ensuring your shelves are stocked with all your customers require. What sets our wholesale distribution apart is our prompt availability of Puffco's latest colors—keep your smoke shop up-to-date with the newest Puffco offerings!


Elevate your smoke shop's aesthetic with Studenglass Gravity Infusers, bringing a futuristic allure. The patented 360˚ rotatable design provides a visually immersive and contactless experience, utilizing cascading water, opposing airflow technology, and gravity. Perfect for showcasing at special occasions or events, these gravity infusers are more than ordinary glass pieces—they offer your customers a truly unique session. Enhance your customer's style with limited edition gravity infusers, featuring collaborations with famous celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, and others. Upgrade your offerings now!

Storz & Bickel

A staple in smoke shops, the Storz & Bickel Volcano is a classic must-have. Renowned for its premium quality and German engineering, Storz & Bickel's vaporizers, including various editions of the Volcano Classic and Hybrid, offer a diverse product range. Positive customer satisfaction further enhances the appeal of stocking these high-quality vaporizers in your inventory. At Got Vape, we offer various editions of the Volcano Classic and Hybrid, along with replacement parts and accessories.

Grenco Science

Refresh your smoke shop's selection with Grenco Science as a must-have addition to your inventory. Recognized for their high-quality vaporizers catering to both dry herbs and wax concentrates, explore models like the G Pen Dash, G Pen Micro Plus, G Pen Roam, and G Pen Connect. These vaporizers are available in three exclusive limited-edition collaborations with Cookies, Dr. Greenthumb, and Lemonade.

What Kind of Collectibles Does Got Vape Wholesale Offer?

Elbo Glass Collection resting on rocky landscape with island and clouds in the background

Elbo Glass

A smoke shop with fine collectibles is a memorable one! Elbo Glass presents a diverse range of smoking accessories and collectibles, including dab mats, ashtrays, vinyl figures, and keychains. We offer Elbo at reasonable and budget-friendly prices, ensuring your convenience and ongoing success for your smoke shop business.

An Overview of Limited Edition and Collectibles

Running a wholesale smoke shop business goes beyond offering a diverse selection; it necessitates innovation, exclusivity, and delivering a distinctive and incomparable customer experience. Prioritize unique collaborations, luxury brands, and exclusive items to set your smoke shop apart. Stay ahead in the industry by curating a collection that reflects innovation and exclusivity, ensuring a memorable experience for your customers’ sessions.

Stay informed and acquire valuable insights by delving into our Smoke Shop Business Blog. It serves as a valuable resource, offering ideas, essential information, industry trends, and invaluable advice to elevate the growth and success of your shop. Stay connected and learn alongside us at Got Vape Wholesale!

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